Digisender XDS 4K X2

Digisender XDS 4K X2

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The DigiSender XDS 4K allows HDMI over Internet and creates a seamless HDMI connection between two points anywhere in the world with only a standard broadband connection. With one device acting as the transmitter and the other acting as a receiver it means that any high-definition HDMI source can be broadcast to a display anywhere in the world.

When the receiver is installed and connected to the internet it searches for all transmitters that are currently associated with your account. This means that one receiver can be used to connect to any DigiSender XDS 4K IP transmitters, wherever they may be in the world.

Because this system is dedicated it will auto-start on power fail to the service you have selected as your 'default service'. But because the system uses the Chromium Framework it means that you can access your services on any machine using the Chrome Browser. For Android a series of apps are available that allow you to access your broadcasts. 

Applications including studio linking services where a real-time interbview link is required for broadcast quality HD video feeds in real-time.

How it works
When you connect the XDS 4K to your local Internet service you are then asked to create a secure account. This account is what you use to access your services on any machine using Chrome and by simply visiting our access site at https://easylife.com . The devices presence is registered on our servers via a secure connection and uses Real Time Communications (RTC) protocols.

When a second connection is made to your service a direct peer to peer video and audio connection is made. This means that the streams do not pass through a central server but your service remains totally secure as it remains within a 128bit encryption service and only accessed via your account.

Real-Time Communications (RTC) provides us with high-quality applications which we have developed for the browser, mobile platforms, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and then allows them all to communicate securely via a common set of protocols. This initiative is a project supported by AEI, Google, Mozilla and Opera, amongst others. It receives regular updates automatically and without the need for any down-time, restarts of other human intervention.

If you make a connection between two XDS consoles over the Internet (each using different Internet services), your bandwidth will automatically determine the picture quality. A fast broadband service can in theory achieve 4K Ultra High Definition quality. A connection between two XDS consoles which exist on the same WiFi network will not pass the streams over the Internet and the stream connections will remain on your local LAN thus reducing latency and enabling the best possible picture and sound quality. Engineers at AEI have been pioneering this technology since March 2015.

Our RTC and M2M technology does not require any special settings on routers or firewalls. Your network can remain fully secure and any Firewall protection can remain in force and you will not be prompted to open ports or other such requests which can compromise your network.


    • DigiSender XDS LIVE OS
    • Processor: Quad-Core ARM Cortex® A53
    • GPU:
      • Mali 820 (Octa-Core Mali-800)
      • 650MHz
      • 3D graphics acceleration 400Mtri/s, 2.6Gpix/s
      • 4x Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing (MSAA)
      • Full legacy 2D/3D graphics
      • OpenGL® ES 1.1, 2.0, 3.1, 3.2
      • OpenCL™ 1.1, 1.2 Full Profile
      • DirectX® 11 FL9_3
      • Vulkan 1.0
    • Memory: 2GB DDR4 RAM
    • Built-in Storage: 8GB eMMC
    • Networking: WiFi: 2.4/5.8GHz Dual-Band 802.11 ac, WPS, LAN: Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth4.0
    • Connectivity: HDMI 2.0 input, HDMI 2.0 output, S/PDIF optical audio, AV & RST, Ethernet (RJ45), USB3.0, USB2.0, SD Card, Wifi-Direct, MiraCast, Open-DRT
    • Bluetooth: Version 4.0
    • Power: DC 5V 2A
    • Dimensions: W: 130mm, L: 100mm, H: 23mm
    • Weight: 0.5kg
    • Studio Link: Requires the purchase of two units with XDS LIVE OS included

      Kit contents:

      • 2 x Main Console
      • 2 x Control
      • 2 x HDMI Cable
      • 2 x Power Adaptor
      • 1 x User Manual 

      Apps included:

      • User Interface: DigiSender LIVE OS
      • XDS Guide VIP
      • XDS Studio Broadcaster
      • XDS Studio Receiver
      • XDS Streamer
      • HDMI Record
      • Playstore

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