DigiSender 4K Fibre - OM3 MMF Optical Cable & Quick Deployment Reel

DigiSender 4K Fibre - OM3 MMF Optical Cable & Quick Deployment Reel

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Use this Fibre Optic Cable for any of the DigiSender Modules available in this range. Dual core is compatible with the all-in-one HDMI Fiber Optic Driver and Receiver units (Model: DG4KF-EIH). The two cores are required to drive this product range providing a single HDMI Cable of virtually any length up to 300m Max. Simple snap-in connectors mean that your cable is created in seconds. 

All DigiSender fibre cable products uses aromatic polyamide fibres which when woven are commonly known as Kevlar. They are a class of strong heat-resistant synthetic fibre materials commonly used in aerospace and military applications. It is incredibly tough that it is often used for ballistic-rated body armour fabric and ballistic composites,  It is also used as an asbestos substitute because it has extremely high flame immunity. They are fibres in which the chain molecules are highly oriented along the fibre axis, so the strength of the chemical bond can be exploited when force is required to pull the cable through ducting. The maximum pulling force is 10N with momentary pulling forces of 20N.

The cable jacket is composed of thermoplastic compounds that emit limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to high sources of heat or flame

We provide the cable in any length and offer a custom manufacturing facility.

Twin Core each 2mm diameter for permanent  or temporary deployment applications.
Quick Deployment Reel
Weight: 5.3Kg/1Km (excludes quick deployment reel)
Return losses start at a bending radius of 60mm or more
Extremely Robust (Breakage only likely to occur when cable is forcible kinked to a zero bending radius)
Pulling force: 10N (Momentary 20N) 
Break test:: >50N (Tested on one core)

Please enquire for custom cable lengths, number of cores, metal coil armouring and other options.

Indoor Display Screens, CCTV, Signage

Suitable for locations including:
Airports, Railway Stations, Hotels, Residential, Commercial, Aircraft, Vehicles etc

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