DigiSender X7 - Quad Input 2.4GHz Wireless Video Sender (DG440)

DigiSender X7 - Quad Input 2.4GHz Wireless Video Sender (DG440)

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The all new DigiSender X7 (DG440) takes many operational ideas from the previously launched DigiSender Zentrum series and provides a convenient means of operating the receiver or the transmitter from the handy remote control. The DigiSender remote control allows you to casually flick between sources such as Satellite, DVD and VCR. This remote control has its commands relayed back to the transmitter which in-turn obeys the command to transmit from any one of the 4 input sources that can be connected to the transmitter.

  • Fitted in minutes.
  • Stunning picture clarity.
  • Works through walls and ceilings.
  • Crystal clear HI-FI stereo sound.
  • Sends your digital channels and DVD/VCR all around your home.
  • 4 video inputs (2x SCART DigiConnector™, 2x RCA Phono).
  • Switch between inputs using the supplied remote control.
  • Double the range of standard video sender systems.
  • Remote extender compatible with all Digital Cable receivers including IrDA models - A world first! Means you can snuggle up in bed with your cable or satellite remote control (in fact any source remote control) and still change channels downstairs.
  • Fully labeled connectors and cables for a rapid installation.
  • No spare SCART sockets required on your source equipment as the unique DigiConnector™ inputs connect in line with existing SCART connections.
  • Automatically switches between your source equipment such as your Satellite receiver and DVD player.
  • Superb Hi-Fi stereo sound with separate carrier frequency for left and right channels maximizing channel separation.
  • Built-in DigiEye™ technology also means this video sender has 16 Remote Relay extender channels, meaning your neighbour can’t change your channels and family stress levels remain fairly average. Another world first!


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