Professional Drain/Pipe Inspection Kit - Monochrome (DI550BW)

Professional Drain/Pipe Inspection Kit - Monochrome (DI550BW)

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All you need for inspecting sewers, pipes and drains

This new Fibre Optic Video Inspection System is just the business for drainage & cavity work. It is a fantastic compact, portable, CCTV video system for live inspection works.

Each kit includes a Bullet style camera with removable protection shield, a monitor with 12v DC and mains power attachments and 20 meters of rigid fibre optic cable on a real handy dispensing caddy.

Here's the specifications in full.

  • Bullet camera with brass casing and 'toughened glass' eye.
  • Ball protector - lifts camera clear of pipe debris
  • Charged couple device camera element for stunning vision in total darkness 14 night vision LED’s
  • Professional 420 line high definition mono Camera element
  • Stunningly super low lux of 0.01
  • Gold plated contacts and seals pre-fitted
  • dimensions. 22mm diameter.(with ball protector fitted 35mm) 75mm length.
  • Monochrome monitor 220 line definition
  • Battery cord
  • Video output facility for VCR or DVD recorder (not supplied)
  • Power adaptor for mains operation
  • 12v battery for system operation away from mains
  • Sunshade Cable
  • Fibre optic cable reel with 65ft (20 mts) cable
  • Revolving fibre optic real caddy
  • Caddy dispenses whilst fully operational
  • All fibre cable contacts are gold plated
  • Sturdy aluminium carrying case for entire kit contents approx 23" x 15.5" x 8"

This system provides a low cost means of identifying the cause of blockages in drains or small cavities. The rigid fibre optic cable features gold plated contacts and the camera is a high definition low lux element capable of providing a far greater definition of picture than the monitor included is able to provide. This means that recordings for clients can be displayed on a home TV using a VCR or DVD recorder in far greater quality. especially good if a DVD or VCR is saved for later use, for head office investigation or for demonstrating to a client the need for detailed drainage excavation works.

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